Ship Agency Services

Khalidia Shipping offers trip charterers, ship owners, exporters, importers, and commodity traders various ship agency services. Over the years, we've earned a stellar reputation, and today we serve the demands of some of the world's most prestigious shipowners. Our team of industry professionals and talented ship agents brings a depth of experience, knowledge, and skills to the role. You name anything, and we can arrange it for you: container ships, tankers, car carriers, dry bulk carriers, offshore supply vessels, tugs, barges, or trampers.


Khalidia Shipping provides ship agency services that are smooth and faultless operating conditions and a total commitment to client requirements. We collaborate closely with port operators and government agencies to quickly turn vessels around. Khalidia Shipping has established strong relationships with concerned authorities such as ports and customs and familiarity with procedures such as documentation and online accessibility due to its diligent work over the years.

At a glance
Trusted and reliable partner
Excellent relationship with authorities
Professional, well experienced, skilled and dedicated team
Quick turnaround of vessels and cargo, ensuring operational efficiency
Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators and charterers
Expertise to handle container, car carrier, tanker, break bulk, cruise, naval and cable vessels
Specialized services to exceed expectations

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