Khalidia Shipping is synonymous with complete compliance to government health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations. We are totally committed to complying with current HSE legislations at the local government and international levels, including ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) standards.
It is and always will be our top priority to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, while simultaneously upholding environmental protection and conservation. Hence, sustainable development and health and safety requirements are an integral part of our management system and on-field operating procedures.
We are, therefore, dedicated to 
complying with or exceeding the requirements of current HSE legislation and codes of practice,
ensuring maximum safety standards to reduce and or prevent injury, thereby guaranteeing employee well-being,
controlling the health and safety risks at work,
preserving HSE conditions in and around sites and transporting products safely,
providing all employees with relevant information and training on HSE requirements,
minimizing waste and then reusing or recycling as much of it as possible,
operating and maintaining company assets in accordance with environmental essentials,
encouraging the use of alternative means of transports and car pooling,
insisting on and improving methods of mitigating air, water, noise and light pollution on company premises and reducing local     community and environmental impacts due to company operations
reviewing these issues and policiesregularly and making changes to enhance standards if necessary.

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