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Khalidia Shipping, a subsidiary of the Emirates Business Group, was founded in 1980 as an international freight forwarder. Our journey began as APL agents through our headquarters in Abu Dhabi and now hold a reputation of being one of the top shipping companies in Dubai and UAE.

In line with the UAE's rapid economic development and diversification, we have continuously widened our reach and introduced new frontiers within our portfolio, thereby aiming to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our logistics knowledge and partnerships with different carriers enable us to save you money on shipping and overall supply chain costs. We are prepared to address any issues our clients may face, and we specialize in resolving logistical issues swiftly and effectively. You won't have to worry if you run into a problem since you can rest confident that our staff works around the clock to resolve it.

Today we are an ISO 9001-2008, 14001-2008 and 18001-2008 certified company known for quality, reliability and impeccable work ethics. Our broad network embraces all the emirates and links remote corners of the globe as well. We give all-inclusive shipping and logistical service globally with our partners, frequently exceeding customer expectations!

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Our International Freight Forwarding Services

  • International Projects

    We offer complete and comprehensive logistics solutions for industrial projects at Khalidia Shipping, one of the best shipping companies in Abu Dhabi. We can accommodate and give solutions for a wide range of freight transfers. Whether it's a fragile item or a large piece of equipment, we're efficient, on schedule, and ensure complete cargo safety while keeping our customers satisfied. read more

  • Warehousing

    Our facilities can handle international, seasonal, and protracted storage and distribution needs. We make cargo storage and delivery a smooth integration using innovative facilities and a top-notch warehouse management system. read more

  • Transportation

    We focus on transportation because it is the most important aspect of the entire process. We are a globally recognized freight forwarder in Dubai. We provide cost-effective transportation services that ensure the safe and timely delivery of cargo and freight worldwide. With the latest In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems, we provide real-time updates to our customers. read more

  • Ocean Freight

    As a prominent freight forwarder in the UAE, we ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. For our clients, sea freight is the most favoured alternative and solution. As specialists, we offer various transit durations, allowing them to make precise estimates and stay within budget. read more

  • Air Freight

    We provide cost-effective import and export airfreight services to and from all destinations worldwide through our international freight forwarding services. We work carefully with selected and respected air airlines offering direct, postponed, consolidated, and hand carry services ideal for time-critical delivery as a commercial freight forwarder in Dubai. read more

  • Port Agency

    This organization has an experienced, competent, and professional crew well-versed in laws, customs, documents, and processes. We have a strong track record that has resulted in trustworthy partnerships with owners and global charterers, ensuring that your requirements are met with care. read more

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Why Khalidia Shipping?

Global Shipping

We provide worldwide shipping solutions.

On Schedule

We understand the race against time and ensure everything is on schedule.

Expertise in the Field

Khalidia Shipping offers years of experience and a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional staff at your service.

A Powerful Network

We have an extensive network that benefits our clients.

Customer Support 24/7

We are available to our customers at all times; our customers are our top priority, and we are always listening.

High Quality at Low Price

When you ship with us, you get a low price and a high-quality service.


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